American Scrap Co.
American Scrap Co.

Contrary To What You May Believe, Not Everything Can Be Sold Here.



Material                              Yes/No
Aluminum (All Varieties) YES
Brass (All Varieties) YES 
Catalytic Converters (All Makes) YES
Copper (All Varieties)                                YES
Electric Motors (All Varieties)                       YES
Electronic Scrap (E-Scrap or E-Waste)*                  YES
Iron YES
Lead (All Varieties) YES
Lead Batteries (Car Batteries)                  YES
Li-Ion Batteries (Laptop) YES
Steel (Prepared Shred) YES
Ink Cartridges* YES

*Electronic or Computer Scrap (E-Scrap or E-Waste)

Motherboards, Circuit Boards, Memory, Processors, Cell Phones, ICU Chips, Gold Connectors, Laptops-Whole, Hard Drives, Monitor Yokes, Power Supplies, CD Drives and more!

*Ink cartridges can be accepted but not paid for!


Not Accepted




Material                              Yes/No
Complete Appliances* NO
Steel (3ft+ in length) NO
Stainless Steel (3ft+ in length)                  NO
Large Truck Toolboxes* NO
Oversized or Bulky Aluminum* NO
Vehicles NO
Boats NO
Engines & Transmission w/oilpan* NO
Balaces NO
T'V's NO
Flat Screen Monitors or TV's NO
CRT Monitors NO
Rubber NO
Glass NO
Concrete NO
Fabric NO
Sealed Units* NO
Tanks* NO
Kegs* NO

*Appliances must be completely broken down

*Large toolboxes must be cut in half or have the locks removed

*Oversized or bulky Aluminum as determined onsite

*Engines & transmissions must have oilpans and ALL fluids removed

*Sealed Units must have holes punched or be cut in half

*Tanks must be cut in half

*Kegs must be cut in half

Where to Find Us:

American Scrap Co
1635 E. Madison Ave.

Des Moines, IA


Phone: 515-265-9876

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