American Scrap Co. is Iowa's best computer recycling option! You need to ask yourself something. Did I pay for the equipment I'm about to recycle? Most of us probably did and I doubt it was very cheap. Now ask yourself something else. Should I give it away for free or even worse pay to have it taken away? The answer is NO! It doesn't matter if its 1 computer or 1,000 computers they're all worth something. You can either bring it to our location or *we can come to yours. And yes, even if we pick it up, you still get paid!

*Pick up's must be 10 or more machines in the Des Moines area. If you are not in Des Moines, more material is required to warrant a pick up.

"American Scrap Company quick, easy, often entertaining and always profitable."

Current Prices  
#1 Copper $2.80
#2 Copper $2.65
Brass $1.50
Alum. Siding $0.30
Aluminum $0.30
Shred (Prep) $0.04
#1 Cast Iron $0.07
Gold Memory $12.00
HG Boards $2.10
iSeries (Specialty) $1.60
LGMB $1.40+-
LG Boards $0.20
Ceramic Proc. $30.00+-
Power Supply $0.15+-

Where to Find Us:

American Scrap Co
1635 E. Madison Ave.

Des Moines, IA


Phone: 515-265-9876

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