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With a remarkable legacy of 23 years in operation right here in Des Moines, Iowa, 

American Scrap Company stands as a seasoned and established presence. While we continue to expand our client base each day, our enduring existence solidifies us as more than mere newcomers. Over the course of these two decades, we've accumulated a wealth of knowledge and insights, constantly advancing both our business methodologies and our thought processes.


Throughout our journey, American Scrap Co. has undertaken extensive measures to refine and streamline our business operations, systems, services, and facility right here in Des Moines. These enhancements are all designed to ensure an elevated level of service to you, our esteemed client.


At the heart of our commitment lies an unwavering dedication to every individual client we serve. Our expert team is adept at swiftly and accurately assessing your materials, offering generous pricing, and equipping you with the information and assistance needed to facilitate a seamless and efficient transaction. And yes, it's worth noting – we offer cash payments* for your convenience.


All of this is accomplished in a fraction of the time it takes for an average bank visit. This means that your visit to American Scrap Co. is not only efficient but often engaging and invariably rewarding.


Beyond the Ordinary


We Are Not a Can Redemption Center


It's crucial to clarify that we're far more than a standard can redemption center. Our multifaceted services extend beyond the ordinary, delivering an experience that's tailored to your unique recycling needs.


*Kindly note that cash payments are provided up to $300, while purchases exceeding $300 will be settled via check.*


Choose American Scrap Company – where experience, excellence, and efficiency converge to redefine your recycling journey.



American Scrap Company stands at the forefront of thecomputer recycling, electronic recycling, also known as e-Scrap recycling field, maintaining this position for the past 15 years. Our expertise encompasses the responsible disposal of electronic equipment, including computers, servers, cell phones, modems, routers, and various networking devices, essentially encompassing anything embedded with a circuit board.


Within the realm of e-Scrap, items such as motherboards, finger cards, daughter boards, and server boards hold significant value, and American Scrap Company is prepared to offer competitive prices for these components. If paramount considerations for you involve unmatched pricing, unparalleled industry knowledge, and unrivaled customer service, then American Scrap Company undoubtedly emerges as your primary, secondary, and quite possibly tertiary choice for fulfilling your computer recycling and e-Scrap recycling requisites.


Situated in Des Moines, Iowa, American Scrap Company boasts a longstanding 23-year tenure in the business. Over this time, we have ascended as a trailblazer in non-ferrous metal recycling, encompassing materials such as copper, copper wire, aluminum, brass, and an array of other valuable metals. Our portfolio is further enriched by offering the Des Moines area's most favorable catalytic converter prices. Moreover, we have established a thriving market for ferrous metals, including steel and cast iron, which, when combined, positions us to provide a comprehensive and unparalleled service tailored to a diverse range of recycling demands.


Distinguishing ourselves from conventional junkyards, American Scrap Company exhibits excellence across all operational facets. We remain committed to incessantly exploring novel and refined strategies for conducting business more efficiently, all the while upholding our dedication to you, the client, as our utmost priority. The clientele we proudly serve, coupled with the environment we collectively inhabit, constitute our most prized assets. Frequently, our clients attest to the exceptional caliber of our services, further reinforcing our commitment to delivering nothing short of top-tier service.

Current Prices  
#1 Copper $2.65
#2 Copper $2.45
Brass $1.50
Alum. Siding $0.30
Aluminum $0.30
Shred (Prep) $0.04
#1 Cast Iron $0.09
Gold Memory $12.00
HG Boards $2.10
iSeries (Specialty) $1.60
LGMB $1.40+-
LG Boards $0.20
Ceramic Proc. $30.00+-
Power Supply $0.15+-

Where to Find Us:

American Scrap Co
1635 E. Madison Ave.

Des Moines, IA


Phone: 515-265-9876

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