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American Scrap Co. has already existed for 21 years here in Des Moines, Iowa. So even though we still continue to develop new clients most every day, we are by no means "The New Kids On The Block". Throughout those 21 years we have gained vast amounts of knowledge and wisdom, all while continuing to grow and evolve our business practices' as well as in our ways of thinking. American Scrap Co. has also went to great lengths to refine and simplify our business, systems, service and facility here in Des Moines to better serve you, our client.

American Scrap Co. is dedicated to each and every single one of its unique clients. Our knowledgeable staff will quickly and accurately identify your material, generously price it, all while providing you with more than enough intelligence and muscle necessary to make your stop here as quick and painless as humanly possible. Did I mention we also pay in *CASH?

All this accomplished in less time than an average visit to the bank. This makes your trip to American Scrap Co. quick, easy, often entertaining and always profitable.





*Cash payment is made up to $300, purchases over $300 will be paid by check.



American Scrap Co. is at the very forefront of computer recycling, electronic recycling aka e scrap recycling or e-waste recycling and has been for the past 13 years. What does e-scrap or e-waste consist of you ask? Well, Computers, servers, cell phones, modems, routers, networking gear, basically anything with a circuit board inside of it. Motherboards, finger cards, daughter boards or server boards, whatever it is American Scrap Co. has a price they'll pay you for it! If things like unmatched prices, unparalleled knowledge and unrivaled customer service are things that matter to you, then American Scrap Co. is your first, second and probably third choice for your computer recycling and e scrap recycling needs.  


Located in Des Moines, Iowa American Scrap Co. has been in business for 21 years to be exact. In that time has become an industry leader in in non-ferrous metal recycling (copper, copper wire, aluminum, brass and much, MUCH more)

Combine all that with the Des Moines areas best catalytic converter prices plus our now thriving ferrous (steel and cast iron) market and you get the best overall service to fit any and all of your recycling needs. We are definitely not your average junkyard; comprehensive in all departments and continuously searching for new, better more efficient ways to conduct business. All while keeping you, the client at the very top of our concerns. The clients we serve and the environment we live in are the most important assets to us and more often than not, our clients find our service to be absolutely top notch. 



Where to Find Us              1635 E. Madison Ave.        Des Moines, IA 50313

Current Prices  
#1 Copper $3.50
#2 Copper $3.20
Brass $2.10
Alum. Siding $0.40
Aluminum $0.35
Shred (Prep) $0.04
#1 Cast Iron $0.09
Gold Memory $12.00
HG Boards $2.10
iSeries (Specialty) $1.60
LGMB $1.40+-
LG Boards $0.20
Ceramic Proc. $30.00+-
Power Supply $0.15+-

Where to Find Us:


American Scrap Co
1635 E. Madison Ave.

Des Moines, IA


Phone: 515-265-9876



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