Catalytic Converter Rules

American Scrap Compnay does buy converters. However there have been changes in the process in the State of Iowa. To help combat converter thefts, any client that brings in a converter must provide the following information.


1) Valid State I.D.

2) The title from the car the converter came from




Where to Find Us              1635 E. Madison Ave.        Des Moines, IA 50313

Current Prices  
#1 Copper $2.95
#2 Copper $2.85
Brass $1.75
Alum. Siding $0.30
Aluminum $0.30
Shred (Prep) $0.04
#1 Cast Iron $0.09
Gold Memory $12.00
HG Boards $2.10
iSeries (Specialty) $1.60
LGMB $1.40+-
LG Boards $0.20
Ceramic Proc. $30.00+-
Power Supply $0.15+-

Where to Find Us:


American Scrap Co
1635 E. Madison Ave.

Des Moines, IA


Phone: 515-265-9876



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